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Taichung’s tourism

When you think about Taiwan, you may think about Taipei without a second thought. From their Shilin Night Market to their abundance of street food, other places are easily neglected. However, Taichung, Taiwan’s underdog is a place full of unique things to do from their vibrant city. If you want to avoid being the norm and stand out from the crowd, you should visit this place NOW with your private car tours!

Consequently, read on to find out why this vibrant city is a must-visit in Taichung with your private car tours!


Excited yet? Read on to find the uplifting places to go!

1st Stop: Rainbow Village

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Rainbow village

This place is a must-visit with lots of unique history. Decades ago, a village settlement for military veterans was going to be demolished to make way for urban developments. However, once people started moving out, one of the residents decided to add colour to his home. This bright and fun paintings eventually attracted more and more people.

2nd Stop: Miyahara

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Miyahara, harry potters’ Hogwarts in real life

This red-brick architecture is built by Miyahara Takeo in 1927 for ophthalmology clinic during the Japanese Colonial Period. However as time goes by from a clinic to a Health Bureau, it was eventually abandoned. Conversely, a pastry company called Dawn Cake took over and maintained its Hogwarts like building just like Harry Porter.


3rd Stop: Xinshe Castle

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Xinshe Castle- European style castle

Prepare your cameras for this one as this Majestic European-style castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Moreover, With the charming mansion, pond, waterfall and garden, this place is a complete wonderland. (For guys who are finding a place to propose, look no further! Hurry get your rings ready in this romantic place!)


4th Stop: Zhong She Guanguang Flower Market

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Taichung’s flowerland

The colours of this place are just surreal and romantic. This place features beautiful water lakes, vibrant flowers and perfect photo spots for your Insta-worthy pictures. Words just can’t describe this place. You have to see it with your own eyes to believe!

Last Stop: Gaomei Wetlands

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Gaomei Wetlands

This place is a grassy and muddy tidal flat where you can catch the sea breeze and beautiful sunsets. However, hang on! It will not get your hands and feet dirty. This is a place where you will spot thousands of crabs, mud-skippers as well as rare birds. This is where you will take a break from the outside world and fully relax and immerse yourself in the fresh air and sea!

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