Destination : Singapore

Singapore has been described as a country with one of the highest costs of living, however, beneath this facade of description label lies the rich diverse culture that Singapore has which makes this country unique.

It’s vibrant and historical sites will let you encounter diverse ethnic features in this country. With loads of family-friendly attractions, beautiful and green gardens, as well as a huge amount of food for you to choose from, Singapore is the one country you want to visit if you are a foodie with an interest in history in a modern setting.





A place rich in heritage and historical sites will be sure to set your eyes down and cameras on for at least half a day. It features Peranakan shop-houses, popular temples, hawker centres, shops selling souvenirs as well as hotels and accommodations.





Gardens by the bay

Singapore is known for it’s beautiful and green city, this intricate design will definitely catch your attention for its unique infrastructure and flower dome shape. Here you will find a variety of plants, iconic and futuristic structure that you will fancy. The World’s tallest indoor waterfall is also located at Gardens by the bay.