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Considering to including this with your Taiwan Day Tour x Private Car Tours? Read more to find out:


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Taiwan’s Shibuya

Ximending is one of the top places where you can visit around for hours without getting tired. Moreover, a number of must-visit spots around in the Ximen area will literally get your feet fired up! Nevertheless, what are the must-visit spots near Ximending? Well, it’s A LOT!

Consequently, read on to find out why this hipster place is a must-visit in Taipei with your private car tours!

What is so hipster around this place?

Ximending shopping area has always been very hip since the Japanese era in Taiwan. Initially, it was built as a recreation area just outside the gate of Taipei Old City. Some cool places are the Red House, New World Pavilion, Theatre district and many more! Furthermore, the Red House which is the oldest district is actually home to Taipei’s largest LGBT district.



Ximending Night Market

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Hipster’s area full of locals and tourists

This place may be Taiwan’s Shibuya, with their sparkling night lights and their upbeat music at night, you will definitely be intrigued. Moreover, there will be lots of street performers and buskers for your music enjoyment. JJ Lin even performed here with a busker so you might have a shot of seeing a celebrity. Furthermore, the night market has it all from fancy stuff to popular street food offerings and everything and anything you think of!


The Red House

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One of the oldest building in Taipei

This place is also known as the Red House theatre is built in 1908 during the Japanese rule. This building in fact has been built 100 years ago! Prepare yourself with the vintage vibes there. P/S: No judge but there are even gay bars which you can visit too.


Chang Kai Shek Memorial House

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To honour General Chiang kai shek

This place is the most prominent historical monument in Taiwan. It was built in honour and memory of General Chiang Kai-Shek- past president of the Republic of China. Currently, the place is built and well maintained by the government as a national park and gathering area.


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