Destination : Malaysia



Most diverse country in Asia

Speak about race and Singapore pops up as the country where people from different backgrounds live harmoniously. But did you know, Malaysia is actually the most diverse country in Asia?  This interesting fact lets Malaysia to be the country to visit should you want to see how different cultures mixing together led to an interesting mix of which could not be found in other countries.


Tradition is still core

Many countries in Asia are quickly rising to be economic power houses (e.g. China, Singapore etc). In this pursuit of modernization, it has unfortunately diluted the traditional aspects of a country which has caused some countries to lose their pure traditional roots. Malaysia is unique in the sense that though the country is growing to be a modern economic country, it still has not lose its roots in tradition. This unique development has caused it to be a country where their tradition is still undiluted and pure.


Malaysia is a country where almost everything is affordable and cheap. And cheap is never a bad thing. As opposed to its neighbor Singapore where everything is expensive, Malaysia is still a country where affordable is one of the beautiful thing about the country. So if you are yearning for a cheap getaway without spending too much money, Malaysia is the country for you.