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Sightseeing around oldies Bopiliao street with Private car tours                              

A picture of bopiliao street
Perfectly designed street by several architectures

Located near Longshan Temple, this place is one of the most popular attractions in Taipei City. During the 90s to 2009, the Taiwan Government has repaired the buildings, built a Heritage and Culture Center. Furthermore, they even invited local and foreign contemporary artists to decorate the streets. This place houses creative wall painting and full of arts crafts and which makes it perfect for Instagram worthy photos. Consequently, read more to find out why this place is best for your private car tours.


The history behind this place

A picture of bopiliao street
A place with a rich history

This place has undergone several periods of history dated back in 1644. From the period to 1911, it has been colonised by the Qing Dynasty where this place sits. Subsequently, Bopiliao was one of the busiest and most prosperous commercial areas in Taipei, home to various merchants and was one of the major areas for the coal trade.

Moreover moving forward several years later, it will be colonised by the Japanese from 1945 to 1949 and even after World War II period. The new urban planning relegated the thoroughfare to a back alley as new roads.


How did this design come about?

The architecture of the place comprises of many different history groups. Such designs included Southern Fujianese, Chinese Qing Dynasty, Japanese Colonisation, Republic of China, architecture influences and even Westerners Architectures. The currently well-preserved state is home to more of the Qing Dynasty. Primarily over time, the area’s buildings have been renovated and remodelled by bricks materials and terrazzo flooring to mimic the building dated back. The building now really looks full of history! Wow!

Top 3 places around Bopiliao street

After you are done, you’re in luck! There are many places to go after but we will name 3 of those!

Hua Xi Night Market (Snake Alley)

Image of Huaxi Night Market - Private car tours
“Snake Alley”

Before you skip this part, hang on! I know snake may not be your liking, but this place is a must-go exotic place. From bright flashing lights, you will find this place similar to the Las Vegas strip. Well, as the title suggests, it provides many assortments of Snakes tasting for the bold and daring people. Furthermore, walkthrough to find many assortment and staples of food there!


Longshan Temple

Image result for longshan temple - Private car tours
Prepare your prayers here for your wishes!

One of the largest and oldest temples in Taiwan, it has a history from 1738 where it is built by Fujian Chinese settlers. During World World II, It was badly damaged by the Japanese and was restored subsequently by the Taipei residents! Head there to worship for good luck, good health and wealth even if you’re a free thinker!


Guangzhou Street Night Market

A picture for guangzhou street night market taipei - Private car tours
Authentic local food at this place

This place is inevitably the food haven for both locals and tourists. At this place, you can expect to find real local food as they preserved the authenticity by not going modernised. Consequently, you can be sure to fill up your bellies with lots of local authentic food for you to choose!

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