Article : 1 day tour Singapore- Rainforest Lumina

Experience Rainforest Lumina during your 1 day tour in Singapore

A picture of rainforest lumina - 1 day tour Singapore
Unleash your inner child at this place


Take in the first man-made rain forest experience in all of Southeast Asia. This journey is unlike any other forests in Singapore where there are sensors to trigger different experiences accompanying you wherever you go!



A picture of rainforest lumina - 1 day tour Singapore
Sing and dance along to the lights of this place

  • Enjoy the lush and serene atmosphere in the forest

  • Interact with the Creature Crew as you journey through the forest

  • Over 15 attractions available!


Your experience:

A picture of Rainforest Lumina - 1 day tour Singapore
A musical adventure show never fails to amaze people from all walks of life

Take a walk in the wild, and uncover the sensory treasures of nature with Rainforest Lumina! For example, within the 10 interactive zones you will get mesmerized by the audio-visual experience. In addition, Rainforest Lumina will feature a distinctive narrative where visitors will meet the Creature Crew, a quirky group of unlikely heroes who will take you through a magical adventure like no other.

Next, explore the enhanced multimedia addition at the ‘Water’ zone and be captivated by Bob the Otter’s playful antics while he prances around his playground, You will feel just like a kid all over again!


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